Vermantia was awarded as a National Champion in European Business Awards 2014/2015 sponsored by RSM

Vermantia, one of the 60 National Champions of European Business Awards 2014-2015 sponsored by RSM was awarded on Thursday 15th January in a special event which was held from RSM Greece and European Business Awards in Egli Zappeiou. RSM Greece, sponsor and promoter of E.B.A. since the founding date, member of RSM International, which is the 6th largest network of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors worldwide.

European Business Awards sponsored by RSM are the only awards with international status. It is an independent and without profit institution, who recognize and award entrepreneurship, good practices and innovation of businesses of the E.U. It constitutes the larger and the most important competition of companies operating in various sectors of the economy. E.B.A. concentrate in companies which have been succeed awesome results in 10 categories of the awards, from the environmental awareness to customer service, which make them leader in Europe. The participation in the competition is free and every company has the chance to participate.

It is worth to notice that 24.000 companies from 33 countries of Europe took part this year. The total amount of National Champions was 706 this year, 60 of them were Greek Companies. 60 National Champions of our country, among them Vermantia, which qualifiers to the next stage of the competition, will be evaluated by the judges based on video presentations that have already been submitted and uploaded to the awards website. While the judges will evaluate, the public vote that will highlight the National Public Champion of each country will be conducted.

Vermantia is competing in the category of Innovation and now claims a place in the top ten of the final. Vermantia would compete the other national champions in category of RSM The UKTI Award for Innovation, for Public award. Vermantia’ s supporters may participate by voting video to help Vermantia to become the National Public Champion and continue up to the top of the European Business Awards 2014/15 sponsored by RSM and the title of the Pan-European Public Champion.

On February 10 of 2015, the President of the jury will announce which of the National Champions across Europe, will be awarded with the honorary title of Ruban d’Honneur and will advance to the next and final phase of the competition. This title is given to the ten best companies across Europe for each category of the awards. There are ten categories and therefore one hundred Ruban d’Honneur winners. The final winners of each category of hundred Ruban d’Honneur will be revealed in a brilliant summer ceremony of 2015.

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