A real game-changer:
Our Adaptive Data Service

Our service is designed for unified and bespoke data schemes. It allows an enhanced data feed, with additional editorial content available upon request, as well as real-time push updates.

Designed for a fast one-off setup, we pride ourselves in delivering a one-stop-shop for multiple providers’ content through a single, bespoke integration that adapts to regional requirements.



  • Round-the-clock live racing coverage
  • Fast and simplified one-off setup
  • Bespoke & unified data schemes
  • Available for both retail and online
  • Real-time push updates
  • Rapid data feed integration
  • Enhanced data feed with extra editorial content
Racing Content

It is, hands down, the industry’s favorite racing data supplier.
Our data hub includes more than 120,000 premium live horse and greyhound racing events annually. Events we proudly provide to our betting partners across the globe.

We offer operators unlimited betting opportunities, giving access to a wide range of derivative markets, tailored to each customer’s requirements.


List of tracks HERE 

Complete Pricing

Power up without limit! We developed in-house,
industry-leading algorithms that provide unlimited betting opportunities for a wide range of betting markets in a complete pricing solution, across the entire betting lifecycle of races.

Our derivative markets are tailored to each of our partners’ needs for both retail and online, with the ability to easily complement an existing trading service or as a fully outsourced pricing solution.

Daily Racecards

Containing all the essential elements to place a winning bet and made available for retail and online, our detailed daily racecards include bespoke content as per each operator’s requirements with enhanced editorial information upon request.

A fully adapted layout and translation services are also included in the service.

Dynamic Data Screens

We design bespoke data screens for our partners’ channels, referring to previous, current and upcoming races. Our dynamic data screens enhance operators’ betting service, keeping their customers informed while providing them with top-quality data.

We make sure operators can access a specific data mix that suits their needs and a layout fully adapted to their own customers.

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