Solving the quality challenge

In a world where advances in technology are measured in weeks and months rather than years, the demand for an ever-higher quality and quantity of gaming content, as well as the increasing volume of data, presents a constant challenge.

Betting customers accustomed to action-packed, high-quality entertainment in other areas of recreation expect the same from their sports betting experience – and it’s the industry’s job to deliver.

The new generation of bettor sees premium picture content and top-quality data as imperative and won’t enjoy their experience without it. However, for operators, managing a variety of content from different suppliers is not without its difficulties. When it comes to data, they face the same repeated problem: integrating data from numerous sources.

For many, managing virtual games, live racing and sports as well as number games, all through various channels and from several providers, means that the cost of delivery of new content risks outweighing any of the potential gains.

A crucial decision for any operator in the gambling industry is to choose a reliable solutions partner with access to a large portfolio of top betting content. It’s vital that the partner also has the expertise to integrate and aggregate sports and racing event feeds, data feeds, market feeds, information services, video streams and third-party games under one unique platform.

Traditionally, different gaming limits, event schedules and payouts all required dedicated operation teams, meaning operators with limited resources are simply not in a position to provide the latest and greatest in content supplemented with full data that their customers require.

Even offering different virtual games from more than one vendor will almost certainly necessitate the use of at least two different schedulers and back-office applications. Alongside this, coping with the hurdles of pre-delivery (commercial, legal and technical) and post-delivery (partner management, support and maintenance), means that for many betting operators, innovation and new content is throttled before it even gets out of the starting gate.

However, all is not lost. By utilising the latest technology operators and content providers can avoid these issues. Remote Gaming Servers (RGS) in conjunction with seamless integration solutions have become the industry standard in recent years. Content integration via the partnership of larger suppliers and in cooperation with right holders ensure that games are brought onto one platform, meaning one source of delivery, and one singular chain of hurdles to clear. The benefits of doing this are easy to see. Freeing up resources allows a greater focus on innovation, meaning a superior player experience and a reason for customers to keep coming back for more. Likewise, operators will also benefit from a wider choice of high-quality content and full data with a far faster time to market than ever before.

At Vermantia, we do exactly that for our partners. Our CONNECT platform is a one-stop-shop for data and picture content management and publishing. Whether its via retail or via online, we offer a seamless integration with operators, ensuring a one-of-a-kind betting experience.

Delivering the widest premium content available in the industry comprising of more than 105.000 live racing and sports events annually, over 25 virtual games as well as a wide range of next generation games, we ensure that operators can always create the right games and product mix to adapt to ever changing market needs. This means that our operator partners (no matter the size) are able to use a single gate to gain access to the industry’s most diverse range of data and picture content.

Our CONNECT platform automates the process of complex channel production and the scheduling of different games and events in any channel playout while also enabling a seamless integration with any bet acceptance system the operator may utilise. Alongside integrated omni-channel support ensures fast delivery through Vermantia’s our satellite broadcasting and ultra-low latency streaming.

With the right sources freed up, the ability to provide industry-leading data and picture content to their customers suddenly becomes far easier. In a world where premium content and a constant demand for new, quality, and action-packed excitement, operators need to ensure they stay ahead of the curve.

Given the scale of difficulties suppliers and operators face in constantly matching that demand choosing the right partner to deliver is essential. Whether for aggregate sports and racing event feeds, data feeds, market information services, video stream or third-party games under one unique platform, we’re here to deliver.

Gambling Insider July/August edition

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