Potential for Sports Betting in US Casinos

CI: How would you assess the reaction to sports betting in the US post-PASPA? Has popularity increased?

PW: The American association with sport is unique – and the potential to tap into that is one of a kind. Sport, and the desire for action-packed, instantaneous live excitement has always been at the heart of the American psyche when it comes to entertainment – and this will always increase in popularity as more content is offered.
As states continue to pass legalize sports betting, there are going to be great opportunities to provide customers with live racing and sporting action, fast and appropriate data, and a convenient way to utilize both to have a bet. We’ve seen this is the sweet spot in retail sportsbook in Europe and Africa in recent years. I’m convinced operators can provide a more engaging user experience with this live data, engaging visuals, and round the clock live action.

CI: Sport and entertainment go hand in hand in the US, how should European operators look to adapt their offerings to capitalise on American preferences?

PW: I think the connection between sport and entertainment in US casinos offers a bespoke opportunity that one does not find in Europe. The majority of sports betting potential in Vegas lies in the sports zones with wall-to-wall sport on the TVs above players– and this is what European operators need to adapt their offerings to.
Currently, embedded in the tables and bar tops in these ‘zones’ are video poker machines – which can easily be replaced with self-service betting terminals to allow players to bet on the live-action playing out in front of them.
Depending on what suits, these can be modern self-service betting terminals such as our award-winning FLAVOR terminal and V-POS self service solutions, offering myriad of betting opportunities, supporting both cashless or voucher-based payments. We can also add live-streamed picture and data to the mix. This works especially well for the American preference of being able to place a bet round-the-clock. US casinos operate day and night – and we’re able to cater to that with greyhound and horse racing from across the world at every hour of the day. Not only is it high quality, and from a wide variety of countries, but also highly engaging content that will offer a completely new competitive edge to casinos.

CI: Do you think U.S. bettors in casinos will embrace new betting content?

PW: With the right content mix delivered in the way U.S. bettors already see their content packaged – there is no doubt plenty of potential.
Land-based casino customers are used to machine-based wagering, so there is nothing new to introduce. Combined with that, fast and frequent live racing is very similar to the spin-and-win wagering that is part and parcel of the great American casino experience. People enjoy having a bet and want to know soon after if they’ve won. With greyhound and horse racing, the action comes thick and fast – which hits the sweet-spot perfectly.

CI: Can casino operators take advantage of other betting and gaming opportunities in a multi-vertical venue?

PW: Absolutely. The future of all retail environments, whether in betting or beyond, is cross-platform functionality. Mobile payment solutions that come with self-service betting terminals have excellent potential here and can be used in tandem with reward schemes. This can include free spins for slot machines, free bets, or food and drink to look after loyal customers.

Not only do reward schemes maintain customer engagement and a constant reason to bet, but it also ensures they are only moments away from further engagement with a betting or gaming product within the casino.

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