Mr. Thanos Panousis, CCO speaks to about Vermantia’s debut at ICE 2014

Thanos Panousis, CCO of Vermantia, was satisfied with the firm’s debut at the recent ICE show, where it presented its full range of products. He talked to us about his expectations for the near future. “We will focus on extending gaming experience on self-bet terminals and smartphones”, he said.

Which were the most eye-catching products you presented at ICE?

As a global leader specializing in the creation, aggregation, management and delivery of games, social games, and sports betting content for bookmakers, lotteries, and gaming operators worldwide, Vermantia demonstrated its latest product portfolio in ICE Totally Gaming, 2014.

Our team had the pleasure of demonstrating the latest additions to the product portfolio, which included an exciting series of mobile games as well as Vermantia’s customized live betting channel, coupled with HQ live sports events tailored for live betting designed for the retail environment.

Vermantia’s 2014 product offering includes premium gaming, social gaming, gaming, live sports and racing content, delivered across multiple media platforms including mobile, retail and internet.

How would you reflect on Vermantia’s debut at ICE?

Vermantia’s debut at ICE 2014 was very successful for us. We were proud to be exhibitors at the premier flagship gaming event internationally. As a first time exhibitor, our team had the pleasure of presenting to our visitors a series of innovative solutions for gaming, social gaming, sports betting and racing.

Moreover, we had a competitive advantage to exhibit the latest virtual games content from a dynamic portfolio of games. Vermantia demonstrated this unique state of the art gaming solution, highlighting a range of benefits to operators.

What was the public feedback like and how would describe your overall experience?

The feedback we received from the public was very positive. We were very excited to receive good feedback not only for our range of products but also for our stand construction which was something we have spent a lot of time and effort designing!

The result was exceptional and this was something that was recognized by the visitors. Our experience this year in ICE was phenomenal. We had an outstanding presence in the exhibition and most importantly had the chance to demonstrate our product line which includes innovative gaming and sports betting solutions to the industry.

Vermantia operates worldwide. Which are the most important markets for the company right now and which countries are you intending to target in 2014?

As an international company, Vermantia creates and delivers custom services on behalf of international operators worldwide. We currently manage operations in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

Our services are localized as per the requirements of each of our client’s and the local market where we strive to differentiate from the competition by offering value added services to our operations such as native human voice over.

As an international supplier of premium gaming, racing and sports betting services our outlook for 2014 is very positive in terms of our expansion internationally and our creation of new products and services.

What are the firm’s aims and expectations for 2014?

Our major expectation is to become the market leader in the creation, aggregation, management and delivery of gaming content. We will continue to innovate in the gaming industry by creating and offering premium services delivering quality content in a manner consistent to the requirements of our customers.

We will focus on extending gaming experience on self-bet terminals and smartphones by developing the latest state of the art gaming technology.

As always we will continue to focus on providing the correct content mix through localized and fully customised services to early adopters providing them with the Power of Differentiation.


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