Lottery Insider: The Two-Year Anniversary of OPAP TV

ATHENS, Greece (March 12, 2013) — This February, OPAP TV celebrated its two years on the air. With its daily program, OPAP TV promotes OPAP games and attempts to cover every aspect of sports events and social initiatives.

OPAP TV, OPAP’s official TV Channel, has celebrated its two years on the air. Within these two years it has managed to make a difference with the quality of its program, its fast updates on games results and the profound information it provides about OPAP sports betting game “PAME STIHIMA“.

OPAP TV program was first broadcasted on Tuesday, 8th February 2011 exclusively within the company’s retail network of points of sales. At the same time, the appropriate display equipment was installed at OPAP’s POS, providing the necessary infrastructure for the broadcast of the game “RACES”, the live and virtual greyhound racing.

The design and deployment of OPAP TV was based on 4 pillars; the broadcast of live content (football games, greyhound races, etc.); the live broadcast of OPAP TV draws of all games transmitted to OPAP points of sales; the production of live TV sport content, either in studio or in external locations; and finally the promotion of OPAP’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

In parallel, OPAP’s target has always been to promote its games and increase the number of players visiting its PoS; in other words the main drivers of OPAP’s commercial growth.

OPAP TV Program

OPAP TV is a satellite program that is transmitted encrypted via Satellite in all OPAP points of sales daily, 12 hours a day (09:00 – 21:00). The program of OPAP TV, mainly, contains sports news (selected matches, sports highlights, match previews, sports “bloopers & blunders”, etc), as well as statistical and all other relative pieces of information regarding all OPAP games, so as to keep the players, who are visiting OPAP points of sales, promptly and properly informed on the sports sector and all OPAP games.

The general philosophy behind this project is to offer players a powerful “tool” before choosing in which OPAP’s game to invest their money. It also aims to render the points of sales into meeting points where players can chat over the sports events.

OPAP TV program includes, among others, analysis and information about sports betting games “PAME STIHIMA” and “PROPO”, statistical information about numerical games “LOTTO”, “JOKER”, “PROTO”, “SUPER 3”,”EXTRA 5”, information about Monitor Games (Live and Virtual Greyhound Races), reports, exclusive interviews of leading sports personalities, previews of Greek and international basketball and football leagues and promotion of the multi-level corporate social responsibility program. The program is live, transmitted from three ultra-modern studio facilities. OPAP has been provided the latest, state-of-the-art technology to support this project, so as to meet the constantly increasing demands; among others, High Definition technology, post production services, on- air graphics, as well as a wider tapeless video management architecture that allows live and video broadcasting of content through web TV, mobile telephony and new connected Televisions.

As far as OPAP TV shows are concerned, they are all being prepared by a large team of specialized professionals with wide experience in the production, management and transmission of TV content.

Ready to go live in … just two months!

What is really impressive regarding OPAP TV platform is the preparation time before going live. OPAP TV, as a single project, was prepared and deployed within only two months. We should note that it went live without a prior pilot program. OPAP TV offers a unique benefit to players: real time information about its games paving the way to the future games of OPAP, such as “PAME STIHIMA” Live.

Currently, almost 5,000 OPAP points of sales transmit live program with different sections that enable players to have the whole picture of both sports and OPAP games.

Interviews and Innovation

Gradually, OPAP TV program was enriched with live broadcasts from football leagues in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark and Russia, while a new show commenced presenting the life of personalities from the sports world.

OPAP TV has also hosted interviews of famous sports people in Greece, reproduced by many Greek newspapers. In particular, OPAP TV held interviews with: Fernando Santos, DušanBajević , Vasilis Torosidis, Antonis Nikopolidis, Argyris Pedoulakis, Giorgos Bartzokas, Dimitris Salpigidis, Giorgos Donis, Ewald Lienen, Vasilis Spanoulis, Nikos Anastopoulos and Fabri Gonzales. However what diversifies OPAP TV worldwide is a unique in the lottery sector inspired offering to betting players: a unique high HD technology TV magazine named “Match Center”. OPAP TV has managed within these two years to become a powerful “tool” at the disposal of all OPAP players.

Internet Presence

OPAP TV presence is not limited only to its PoS countrywide. Now, OPAP is hosting OPAP TV at its YouTube Channel, and at its official corporate website (, giving the opportunity to any interested party (player or not), regardless of his/her presence at OPAP points of sales, to watch exclusively at OPAP TV news, interviews, and also OPAP CSR initiatives. Moreover, its partnership with NOVA and OTE TV, allows OPAP TV to use their digital platforms to transmit interviews and CSR activities of OPAP.

Looking Forward To The Years Ahead

OPAP TV has already accomplished much, but it never rests. Looking forward to the future, it aims to strengthen its role to support and promote OPAP games, to enhance its promotional character, produce news about the progress of and increase the live broadcasts of sports events that are of interest to the target group of OPAP.

Two Years of OPAP TV in numbers:

731 days of program

8.828 hours of program

4.928 Newscasts

751 hours KALO GIA OLOUS (=Good for all)

1.143 hours of reportage

196 hours live broadcasting of football matches

318 interviews

1,970 hours of Match Center

1,442 hours of promo for OPAP’s numerical games

1,122 hours of analysis PAME STIHIMA

360 hours of Monitor Games transmission

416 hours of live draws JOKER- PROTO-LOTTO

1,131 hours of informative shows

719 production of SAN SIMERA (= What happened today in history)


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