Looking to the Future

Our Commercial Director, Spyros Stavropoulos, sat down with iNTERGAMINGi ahead of ICE to talk about the future of retail.

Could you describe the services you offer and which markets you are active in?

All operators and their customers are different and require a bespoke approach tailored to their expectations, needs and demands. Also, with the arrival of omni-channel and operations in multiple jurisdictions and time zones, you need to have around the clock service and that service to be bespoke to the local audience, whether that is particular live content that they like or the correct types of data and odds to inform betting market they like to bet on. At Vermantia, we do exactly that, constituting a one-stop-shop for bespoke data and picture content, featuring thousands of live sports and racing events complemented by a unique collection of virtual games. All of that content is available 24/7, allowing us to provide operators in any corner of the world. We pride ourselves in the production of bespoke betting channels across all content – live sports, live racing and virtual offering the very latest in technology to power the betting experience. To complete the circle, we have also developed advanced Self-service Betting terminals, our FLAVOR suite that offer a digitised and cashless retail experience bundled with fast-paced top-quality content.

How are the needs and demands of operators evolving?

We live in a world where advances in technology are measured in weeks and months rather than years. The demand for an ever-higher quality and quantity of content, the increasing volume of data as well as these to be tailored to each market, presents a constant challenge. The new gen of bettor sees premium picture content, top quality data and a digitised retail experience on familiar devices as imperative. And it’s the industry’s job to deliver.

 What impact is new technology having on your business?

Today’s digital first world offers plenty of tools, offering a wealth of untapped opportunities for both the operators and the suppliers. We always stay at the forefront of adopting the latest in technology for delivering bespoke services to everyone we work with. We are a technology company at heart with market-leading solutions proven to enhance customer engagement. Whether it’s the excitement of live sports, racing and virtuals or the point of excellence in both the delivery and the self-service solutions, we have an offering that will entertain and increase revenues in any market.

The latest trend when it comes to tech advances is the staff-less betting shops which is characterised as the future of retail betting. We’re already seeing technology filter down, with SSBTs providing the most visible example, of course in an intermediate less-staff environment. Whether it is staff-less or less-staff, Centralised Management Systems will have a key part to play here. Here at Vermantia we are well prepared for all betting environments.

Everything from powerful content management systems to the next gen SSBTs are all designed to offer a digitised experience that presents the latest content, odds, data and betting promotions. All our premium content is orchestrated via our CONNECT platform a one-stop-shop content management and publishing platform. Apart from powering our betting channels it also manages all content delivery to the shops screens, the players mobile betting apps as well as our FLAVOR SSBTs that complete the retail betting ecosystem, allowing our partners to keep their players updated with the latest betting information and engaged with action packed content.

How important for your progress as a company is it to enter newly regulated markets quickly?

We are firm believers that being flexible, listening carefully to our clients and moving fast are the most vital elements to success. A differentiated product offering, catering for the variety of our partners’ needs has always been a core value at Vermantia. We apply it to all the products and services that we design and deliver, utilising core, revolutionary technologies. When it comes to newly regulated markets, being adaptive and bring innovative products and services quickly and efficiently are imperative for us.

A particularly good example of this has been our recent work in Italy. For many years the country’s regulator has enforced protectionist policies to safeguard revenues around its own racing. With the Palinsesto Complementare there is no restrictions on screening horse racing content from abroad. At Vermantia we’re well prepared and we’re now rolling that out though our A-TV channel, Italy’s first international horse racing channel that will deliver thousands of premium live racing events from the best tracks in the world, including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, and the USA. The whole offering is customised to each operator’s requirements from bet markets to scheduling, graphics and layout –  ensuring no two serviced will look or feel the same.

A-TV Channel will definitely be one of the exciting highlights that we will showcase at ICE London 2020.

What is your view on the issue of responsible gaming?

The highest standards of quality as well as a safe user experience that protects people from the potential negative consequences of gambling are imperative. We are definitely very sensitive when it comes to responsible gaming. That is why we are really impressed by our global partners, like OPAP, Lottomatica, Eurobet, Eurofootball and Topaz among others. Aside from their outstanding business achievements, they also invest time and resources towards Responsible Gaming and CSR. As a company whose culture praise sustainability, we are proud to have partners like them.

What are your company’s plans across the next 12 months?

Retail will always be detail and we have put together an expansive schedule of content portfolio and technology at this year’s ICE, having consistency in delivering innovation and insightful solutions for land-based environment. Our team of experts are looking forward to seeing all industry’s friends and partners at our stand S4-120 and give a full picture of how we can help operators to stay ahead of competition, increase store foot traffic and dive into the future of retail.

Our key focus across the next 12 months is to expand a one-of-a-kind digitised retail experience thank to advance in technology. It is already proving to be a real hit. We believe that blending the speed and efficiency of futuristic devices with the thrill of top quality content in a cashless betting environment is the key to the future of retail betting. From bespoke betting channels bundled with action-packed live sports and racing content and powered by advanced CMS, to the next gen Self-service betting solutions (FLAVOR suite of SBBTs) operators will be able to attract a far broader range of customers to their shops than ever before. We’re looking forward to helping them deliver that and more.

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