Vision 3.0

Control and manage your Retail Network with the Vision 3.0 Solution.

Vision 3.0 is a CMS solution that brings together flexible and efficient operation, faster setup and system recovery, and highly intuitive content creation and management capabilities to help businesses unlock the powerful potential of business displays.

Why Vision 3.0 you ask? Because it consists of developing a custom widget, including content positioning of each screen area (provided dynamic HTML, video streaming, odds, news etc.); dynamic feed based on API /XML /HTML, to display the odds for currently displayed match; local administration to select the matches to promote. All video & All media files – at your service

Vision 3.0 supports the Digital Signage customized software for User /Permissions, Screen Templates Designer, Media Manager, Content Scheduling, Rich Media playback, Hardware & Software Monitoring, Remote management, Local management Interface, Live Widget to manage dynamic content locally, RF Matrix Widget to manage the satellite head-end device locally etc.

Combining our knowledge of multiple retail operator technologies into a pioneer solution giving complete control over the shop display. Remote Control in Real time – every time

By creating content tailored to specific promotion purposes, you can create brand awareness and drive increased sales. With third-party ads presented you can also generate additional revenue. Plus, all that content can be managed seamlessly across a variety of locations and devices from anywhere around the globe.

The finest, fully integrated solutions for centralized management and monitoring. At your service. Bundled with full functions for advanced management, intelligent detection, flexible scheduled recording, quick event search, and supported for quick and convenient multi-site surveillance, Vision 3.0 is the most powerful tool for every retailer’s demand. 


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