Vermantia’s Lucky Picks Game is now live in Nigeria through BetPay

Vermantia establishes its strong presence in Nigeria with the Licky Pics bespoke channel for all BetPay customers to enjoy! 

Vermantia, a leader in omni-channel content solutions for Lotteries, Gaming & Betting operators worldwide, is now live with the very popular and fun game Lucky Picks through Nigeria’s BetPay. The players will now have the opportunity to bet on Lucky Picks draws that will be taking place every 5 minutes in 50 BetPay’s shops.

Lucky Picks, a very popular variation of the classic bingo product a top-performing virtual, fast-paced number game that has become one of the most appealing and popular ones, worldwide. It combines state-of-the-art graphics with easy-to-understand gameplay and features that increase the fun! The player picks numbers and/or colours from the available ones and high prizes are won If the player’s selections match with the draw’s outcome.

Key Characteristics and Features:

  • 48 balls in total
  • 35 balls drawn per draw
  • 6 to 10 balls picked by the player
  • Both number and colour betting markets available
  • Flame multipliers available for doubled and tripled prizes
  • Jackpot feature available, customizable as per the Operator’s needs
  • Happy hour feature for a second chance to win
  • Auto Pay-out feature allows for every round’s winnings to be added into the cashier’s wallet automatically, making the bet placement process as quick as possible
  • Fully localized back-office and cashier application interface that allows mouse-less betting management
  • Plug and play, standalone solution for easy and fast (less than 3 minutes’ installation) deployment
  • A cost-effective solution that can be installed into the Operator’s existing hardware for minimum investment requirements
  • Minimal paper print
  • Customizable UI as per the Operator’s branding guidelines

BetPay’s retail customers now have access to this FUNtastic game and can enjoy high-quality image and gaming with Lucky Picks.

Vermantia’s promise is that through new product releases, we guarantee ground-breaking games with innovative concepts, exceeding the traditional instant games philosophy, aiming to give instant betting a whole new feel!


About Vermantia:

Vermantia is a leader in omni-channel content solutions for lotteries, gaming and betting operators worldwide. The company constitutes a one-stop-shop for bespoke data and picture content featuring thousands of live racing and sports events a year, complemented by the most comprehensive portfolio of virtual sports and next-gen games on the market. Founded in 2007, the company has offices in Athens and Italy, as well as representatives in the UK, CIS, and Nigeria, allowing it to partner dozens of international operators across 32 countries. In March 2018, Arena Racing Company (ARC) acquired a majority stake in Vermantia, expanding its broadcast infrastructure and technological capabilities, allowing it to create a market-leading content & data hub. For more information about Vermantia visit


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