Vermantia: Pioneer of high-impact solutions and innovations in the gaming and betting industry

In this interview, Director of Business Development, Renato Rossi who is celebrating 20 years in the Gaming industry this year, highlights Vermantia’s commitment to providing top-notch services to its customers around the world.Vermantia, a global leader in providing tailored content solutions for gaming and betting operators, started 2023 with a strong portfolio of advanced and innovative services. Renato talks about the company’s dedication to addressing market challenges and continuously improving its bespoke content offerings. This commitment is to stay at the forefront of technological advances and market trends.

1) Vermantia is a large international company that deals with different markets. How does Vermantia assess the Italian market compared to other countries in which it operates?

Vermantia is a globally recognized supplier, catering to tier-one operators worldwide. In terms of content variety, the company offers one of the largest selections of live races and sports, available round-the-clock, 365 days a year. Additionally, it boasts a unique collection of dozens of virtual games and top of the line numeric games.

The Italian market holds a special place in the betting industry, being one of the oldest and most established markets globally. Operators and customers in the region are highly attuned to industry trends and offerings. Moreover, the Italian market features some of the most stringent regulations globally, making it a challenging yet rewarding market to operate in. Vermantia considers operating successfully in this market an accomplishment in itself.

The partnership with Italian operators is highly valued by us here in Vermantia, not only for their longevity but also for their supportive nature. We are always committed to delivering the best bespoke solutions to our partners, and the Italian market and operators have provided an environment that encourages experimentation and the realization of multiple success stories.

2) You are a world leader in the omnichannel offering dedicated to the gaming & betting sectors. Which products of your portfolio are currently generating the most interest?

In 2023, speed and customization are paramount in the gaming and betting industry. We acknowledge that there is no one-size-fits-all solutions. On the contrary the company prides itself on offering bespoke solutions that meet the individual needs of its operators partners since its inception. We have seamlessly adapted to market demands and have even pioneered the need for ultra-low latency. With the best live races and live sports content and advanced technology behind the scenes, we can provide top of the line betting channels designed to meet each operator’s specific requirements.. The market seeks quick and efficient adaptability, which aligns with Vermantia’s core strengths.

3) How does Vermantia ensure a high-impact service in the gaming and betting sector for 2023?

Vermantia consistently delivers the highest quality solutions, encompassing its products, services, and personalized interactions. We consider our customers an integral part of our evolving journey, and the company ensures that operators regardless the size can rely on our high-impact services to achieve positive and high performance results. This commitment to service excellence is evidenced by our long-standing relationships with customers who trust our offerings.

4) As Business Development Director of Vermantia, what developments/projects are you focusing on?

We have been known for creating and delivering bespoke solutions to our customers. This involves in brief the whole production and delivery of custom betting channels end-to-end, utilizing IP or satellite streaming and controlled through Vermantia’s complete Content Management Solution. By empowering operators to control and manage their entire retail network, Vermantia offers fully integrated solutions for centralized management and monitoring. Though our advanced services, operators can remotely control all monitors and content, add live odds and data to preferred live events, and benefit from advanced management functions, intelligent detection, flexible scheduled recording, quick event search, and multi-site surveillance. Vermantia’s Content Management Solutions represent a flagship service for 2023 that has been already recognized by our operator partners.

5) How do you envision the short- and medium-term development of the omnichannel market?

While the omnichannel market has been around for a long time now, being one of the buzz words for at least 5 years, there is continuous room for development not only in the short and medium term, but also in the long term. The ultimate goal is to achieve seamless, effortless, and high-quality customer experiences by understanding their individual needs and having the right tools to deliver on those needs whether that be for retail, online or omnichannel. We pride ourselves in having the ability to do so and actually, we have been doing it for quite a long time now. The key is always to revolutionise and innovate and we are doing so by streamlining processes and eliminating complexities. Our aim is to provide operators with a hassle-free experience while delivering a high-quality service and achieving remarkable cost savings.

6) What sets Vermantia’s offering apart from others in the markets?

Vermantia’s offering stands out due to its perpetuity. Vermantia doesn’t simply deliver a service and disappear; instead, it continually enhances its existing offering and creates new, more effective and advanced services, always tailored to the individual needs of its operator partners. We maintain open lines of communication, not only with operators but with all our partners and with the market, actively listening to feedback and delivering on expectations. This commitment to reliability has solidified our position as a trusted partner in the Italian and the global gaming market and this lies on our culture and our core values.


Source: AgiMeg Italy

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