Content Management Solutions

Control and manage your Retail Network.


Control and manage your Retail Network. The finest, fully integrated solutions for centralized management and monitoring. At your service. Bundled with full functions for advanced management, intelligent detection, flexible scheduled recording, quick event search, and supported for quick and convenient multi-site surveillance, our Content Management Solutions are the most powerful tool for every retailer’s demand.


All Video and All Media Files – At Your Service

  • Digital Signage, fully customizable
  • Digital Advertising & Promotions
  • Centralized Queue Management
  • Interactive Product catalogs & Menu Boards
  • Entertainment / Infotainment (Weather, Horoscope, Quotes, Curious, TV, Movie trailers, Movie clips etc.)
  • Public Information systems (Eg.Transportation, Currencies, Stocks, Cinema etc.)


  • Fully customizable and user-friendly back office
  • Fully web-based management for both server and player
  • Multi Client, Multi User Support
  • Supports still images, full HD video, flash animation, sound, web-pages, weather, currency exchange,
  • RSS feeds, streaming video, social media integration (Facebook, Twitter etc) etc.
  • Fully localized content from country – city – store –monitor
  • Advanced remote and scheduled hardware control
  • Remote and centralized management of Unlimited players supporting load distribution scaling

Other Features

  • Powerful Central and Local Management Capabilities
  • Support the Retail Experience from Coloring and Branding to Channel Layout and Rearrange your Content in Every Possible Way
  • Enable the Display of Two Overlapping Events Concurrently on the Screen
  • Provide the Players with Information Related to Events, Schedule and Betting Info
  • Allow Players to Watch and Bet on Multiple Events Simultaneously
  • Utilizing the Space Available on a TV Monitor, to Display additional Marketing-Related Content, Statistics, Historical Data and Other Information
  • Manage Promo Material into your Channel, Place On-Screen Marketing Messages, such as Images, Videos or Ticket

The CMS that gives you full control.

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